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iPhone XI will be the “performance king” with this equipment

Trang chủ Shared corner iPhone XI will be the “performance king” with this equipment

iPhone XI will be the “performance king” with this equipment

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Apple’s TSMC will be Samsung’s main “rival” in the battle for leadership in the upgraded 7nm chip manufacturing process. Last fall, Samsung announced it would start producing new chips and bring more benefits to users.

Các chip được chế tạo bằng kỹ thuật in khắc cực tím 7nm thế hệ thứ hai (EUV – Extreme Ultraviolet) có thể được sản xuất dễ dàng hơn, với năng suất tốt hơn và tốn ít chi phí hơn. Đồng thời, so với các chip 10nm trong Galaxy Note 9 hoặc iPhone X, silicon EUV có thể được sản xuất với dấu chân nhỏ hơn 40% và nhanh hơn 20%, hoặc giảm 50% mức tiêu thụ năng lượng.

Chips manufactured with second-generation 7nm ultraviolet lithography (EUV – Extreme Ultraviolet) can be manufactured more easily, with better productivity and less cost. At the same time, compared to 10nm chips in Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone X, EUV silicon can be produced with 40% smaller footprints and 20% faster, or 50% lower energy consumption.

Samsung’s director of semiconductor LSI calls the technology “challenging” at the quarterly press conference and also stressed that Samsung will become a leader in this area. The reason is that the company believes that it is the exclusive manufacturer of the second-generation 7nm chipset, built with EUV devices that puts tiny transistors close together.

However, TSMC did not stop on its success and while creating Apple’s A12 processor in iPhone XS with the first generation 7nm process, A13 will be implemented by EUV 7nm + method and already Ready for mass production. So unless Samsung releases the Galaxy Note 10 with a different processor than the Galaxy S10, iPhone 2019 may be the first product to use the processor.

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